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Connie Tuck Broker
Selling Clare County Real Estate
Since 1996
440 Lake George Street, Lake George, MI 48633
email: tuckproperties@gmail.com
Cell: 989-387-5559

Argo Computers

Computer and Tablet Repair



Online Solutions in Hosting, Website Design, Website Management and More



Lake George MI. 48633

Phone: (989) 486-5481

Lake George Grocery
304 Lake George Ave Lake George MI.

The Depot
362 Lake George Ave Lake George MI.


Swiss Inn
105 West Park St. Lake George MI.


Expressions Hair Studio

300 Lake George Ave Lake George MI.



Lake George CampGround
1935 Jackson Ave. PO Box 360 Lake George MI. 48633
Phone: 989-588-4075
Toll Free: 1-877-299-6001

Fairchild & Green Realty
Lake George – 274 Lake George Ave. 1-877.588.5026
Lake –  8254 W. Ludington (US-10) 1- 888.544.2131



Harrison Realty, Inc.
795 N 1st St
Harrison, MI 48625
(989) 539-2261