History of Lake George

We have seach the internet for as much history as we can on Lake george and found alittle but we need everybodys help, so if you have a story to tell about our great town let us know.

January 28, 1877 Winfield Scott Gerrish opens the Lake George and Muskegon River Railroad in Clare County. Gerrish was a lumbering entrepreneur in the late 1800s. Following a warm winter that hampered his logging activities, Gerrish moved 20 million board feet of logs to the Muskegon River along a 7.1-mile narrow gauge railroad. The next year he increased his output six-fold. Though Gerrish was not the first to build a Michigan logging railroad, his operation was well-publicized, successful and revolutionized lumbering in Michigan.

July 29 1925 We have all heard the stories about the famous train collision at the turn of the century that left only one building standing, and that was The Depot, it is said that The Depot is the Oldest building in town, so we search the internet and found the Report on the investigation from the ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) to view the report Click Here


You can also find picture up at the Depot Party Store in town